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Certification Services
Issuing conformity certificates for products to ensure their compliance with standards.
Granting the Jordanian qualtiy mark for products after meeting specail requirements.
Granting certificate for farms which comply to the requirements of the (GlOBALGAP) standard.
Verifying Organic Product Certificates
it is a mark be granted for a specific product and indicates that the product and production system achieve Shariah requirements and free from legitimately forbidden substances under the supervision of legitimate muftis from General Iftaa’ Department and achieving health and safety requirements for human consumption as well as the product comply with its standard(s) and laboratory testing, so that it is verified by committing with all of these requirements starting from the raw materials and materials used in the manufacturing process and conformity of production inputs and manufacturing lines up to the final product. Requirements for Obtaining the Certificate: 1. Comply with JS1475and JS2060 (requirements of Jordanian halal Standards). 2. Application of ISO 22000. 3. Comply with Jordanian product standard and food legislation issued by any official body. 4. Validity of all data and information provided by the organization to the certification department. 5. Commitment of the organization to provide all necessary facilities required for certification to the certification department and providing it with all information required at any time. Steps for granting the Certificate: 1. Application. 2. Signing Contract. 3. Pass on-site audit: FSMS ISO 22000 (if not certified), technical audit and Islamic Shariah rules audit. 4. Pass laboratory testing of product. 5. Paying Fees. 6. Issuing Certificate.
Issuing conformity certificates for al-coholic beverages to ensure their compliance with standards /requirements.
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