Strategic Plan

An Internationally trusted organization to boost the quality of life and the competitiveness of national economy.

To enhance confidence in the quality of products and to support the competitiveness of national economy through the implementation and development of Standardization, Metrology and Conformity assessment activities through effective partnerships in accordance with best practices.

Our Customers
• The Industrial, trade, agriculture and services sectors,
• Public Institutions,
• Scientific institutions, scientific research centers and laboratories,
• Consumers.

  • Transparency: The provision of information related to JSMO (concerning legislations, regulations, procedures, policies and decisions) accurately, clearly and in an updated manner to internal and external concerned parties, while adhering to the law of guaranteeing access to information in order to ensure that information is provided upon request while maintaining the confidentiality of data when and where needed.
  • Integrity: The adherence to ethical standards of behavior under all circumstances, and the avoidance of any practices that are harmful to the public job.
  • Impartiality: Making decisions while dealing with internal and external interested parties based on objective criteria, taking into account the distance from conflict of interest and impartiality.
  • Continual learning: Guaranteeing a continual acquisition of new skills and experiences through the provision of an encouraging and supportive environment, in order to keep pace with changing circumstances in the external environment and to deal with them.
  • Innovation: The use of available information and tools in an up-to-date and unique way in order to develop new valuable products and services.
  • Participation: Participation, cooperation and teamwork among internal and external interested parties using appropriate procedures and mechanisms to all interested parties.
  • Proficiency: Performing the required tasks accurately, skillfully and faithfully on time without delay.
  • Strategic Goal #1:  The enhancement of confidence in the quality and safety of products in accordance with best practices.
  • Strategic Goal #2: Upgrading the conformity assessment activities in order to create attractive economic competitive environment.
  • Strategic Goal #3: The development of national Standardization and Metrology systems in accordance with international practices.
  • Strategic Goal #4: The development of an effective and efficient institutional performance in accordance with excellence criteria.