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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan that reflects the internal and external environment of the organization to meet the requirements of the concerned bodies.

Strategic Plan (2017-2019)

A pioneer and distinguished Organization nationally, regionally, and internationally in the fields of quality infrastructure.
Protecting the health and safety, the rights of the citizens and the environment, and strengthening the confidence in national testing & calibration services and in the products displayed in the market, through the harmonization of quality infrastructure systems, namely standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and market surveillance  and accreditation, with the best international practices and in collaboration with partners.


- Industrial, trade, agricultural and service sectors.
- Governmental and semi-governmental organizations.
- National, regio​​​​​​​​​​​​nal and international organizations.
- Civic societies and non-governmental ​organizations.
- Scientific, research and academic institutions.
- Citizens.
Clear legislations, decisions and actions for all concerned parties.
Initiation and Creativity
innovating new working methods to continue improvement.
Team Spirit
Partnership and cooperation with internal and external parties.
Sincerely, honesty and taking responsibilities, along with avoiding any practices that could offend the job.
Taking decisions objectively on the basis of legal regulations, without following personal needs.
Continuous learning
Ongoing learning to keep up with the changes in the surroundings and to develop skills.
Working effectively and efficiently while maintaining the mutual respect.
Confidentiality of the information and data related to customers and employees.
Community Commitment
Acting as a responsible organization towards the community, and being active in different related activities. 
# Strategic Priorities Organizational Objectives
1 Reinforcing consumer protection procedures First objectives: Ensuring the compliance of products placed in the market with technical regulations and other related mandatory requirements, In order to protect the consumer health, safety and rights.
2 Raising the quality of Jordanian products in global markets Second objective: Providing high quality services and products, in order to enhance the confidence in national products and services.
3 The development of government services to meet the aspirations of the Jordanian citizen Second objective: Providing high quality services and products, in order to enhance the confidence in national products and services.
4 Promoting transparency and accountability practices in the public sector institutions Third Objective: Increasing the effectiveness of resources management to achieve the sustainability and development of JSMO's activities.