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The training program aims to: - Explain the ways of application of this specific to gain credence - Explain how to evaluate the laboratories by illustrate the procedures of credence
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Definition on standardization committees
A lecture on the impact of products on the environment Define the role of the organization and the nature of it's work
to define enterprise staff about the subject (the principles of integrity and combating financial and administrative corruption)
Objective: To introduce the employees of the organization on the subject of (principles of risk management)
The course provides the knowledge and expertise for those who use temperature-measuring devices or require an appreciation of the importance of measurement, calibration and the use of temperature instruments and standards in the performance of their daily tasks.
The training program is designed to give some information about the specifications of school tools (such as pencils, colors, rulers, erasers, children's agglomerates ...) on the methods of examination, especially the tests that concern some of the toxic components that may interfere in the installation of some of these tools.
Introducing trainees to the global legislation governing the circulation of games - Explain the apparent risks and the risks not visible in the Games - Provide the trainee with the necessary information and expertise for the virtual inspection of the games based on the technical specifications of each
Clarification of the concept of calibration. 2. Clarification of the mechanism for determining calibration or verification periods. 3 - To clarify the difference between the concept of calibration and verification and control and maintenance. 4. Clarification of the methods for preparing calibration or verification procedures. 5. Clarifying the concept of the metrological series at their three levels. 6. Clarifying the method of writing a calibration certificate or verification report. 7- To clarify the technical requirements of calibration laboratories according to ISO 1702
- Introducing the participants to the importance of reinforcing the concrete (steel) and its uses and its impact on the structural sector, national economy and citizens' safety -Define the participants in the manner of evaluating the results of tests and control procedures.
To introduce participants on international practices in the preparation of technical standards and technical regulations
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