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Through this area, you are able to search within a huge number of available Jordanian Standards and Technical Regulations through different search mechanisms. You can increase or descrease the results retreived based on this selection of items defined within the search activity.

When viewing the details of any standard or technical regulation, you are able to purchase the document that specifies the details of this standard and download it throug the website. In order to perform this activity, you will need to add the selected standard or technical regulation to the cart. The cart may have unlimited number of items to be purchased within a single shot.

The cost for each document is defined beside the standard or technical regulation selected for the process. Once you're done from selecting the required standards and technical regulations, you may check out from the view cart page. The check out functionality redirects you to a secure page in which you will need to enter your credit card details so the payment process take action. All payment activities are secured and encrypted.

Once the purchase process is successfully completed, you will be returned to the view cart page with the ability to download the document of the standards and technical regulations you have just purchased.

A detailed invoice will appear as well identifying the expenses of the invoice and the calculation of the invoice's total amount.

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