Pesticides and other agrochemicals

# ICS Title
6510001 Pesticides and other agrochemicals in general
6510010 Insecticides
6510020 Herbicides
6510030 Fungicides
6510099 Other pesticides and agrochemicals
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JS 917:1992 Pesticides - Sulphur dusting powder

Cocerns suplphurpowder used in agriculture dusting (Published Document (JS))

JS 769:1991 Pesticides - Winter agricultural spraying oils

Concerns emulsified (Withdrawn Document)

JS 767:1991 Pesticides - Summer agricultural spraying oils

Concerns mixed and emulsified summer agricultural spraying oils (Withdrawn Document)

JS 546:1987 Pesticides - Aerosols - Testing methods for aerosols

Cncerns testing methods for household pesticides of the aerosolstype (Published Document (JS))

JS 527:1987 Pesticides - Aerosols

Concerns householdpesticides of the aerosol type which are liquids packed in metalliccontainers under pressure (Withdrawn Document)

JS 484:1986 Pesticides - Labelling information on pesticides containers

Concerns labelling information on pesticides containers (Withdrawn Document)

JS 420:1985 Pesticides - Methods of testing for the residue of pesticides - Organic phosphoric group - Part one

Concerns testingmethods to detect organic phosphoric pesticides residues in fruits (Published Document (JS))