Products of the textile industry

# ICS Title
5908001 Textiles in general
5908020 Yarns
5908030 Textile fabrics
5908040 Coated fabrics
5908050 Ropes
5908060 Textile floor coverings
5908070 Geotextiles
5908099 Other products of the textile industry
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JS 756:2007 textiles - Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying

This standard specifies a method for determination of the dimensional change of fabrics, garments or other textile articles when subjected to an appropriate of specified washing and drying procedures (Published Document (JS))

JS 78:2006 Textils - Sampling of fibres , yarns and fabrics for testing

0 (Draft Jordanian Document (DJS))

JS 756:1991 Textiles - Dimensional change offabrics during washing

Concerns the determination of dimensional change of fabricsduring washing at different temperatures (Withdrawn Document)