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JS 51:2009 Paper and paperboard - Writing paper

Includes the minimum level of natural specifications for writing paper (Withdrawn Document)

JS 506:2005 School chalks -Test methods

Concerns test methods for chalks (Published Document (JS))

JS 507:2004 School chalks

this standards determines specifiction that should exist in color and white school chalks used for writing on board (Published Document (JS))

JS 506:1997 Chalks - Methods of test

Concerns test methodsfor chalks (Withdrawn Document)

JS 507:1997 Chalks

Specifies requirements for white and colored chalks used in writing on boards (Withdrawn Document)

JS 950:1993 Paper - Paper of continuous forms -Specifications

Concerns the specifications of paper used for continuous printing (Withdrawn Document)

JS 741:1990 Paper and paperboard - Paperboard for office purposes

Concerns paperboard used for office purposes (Published Document (JS))

JS 521:1987 Exercise books - School exercise books

Concerns types,dimensions, labelling, cover specifications and lining of schoolexcercise and drawing books (Published Document (JS))

JS 171:1980 Envelopes - Correspondence envelopesizes

Specifiesthe sizes of correspodence envelopes used for mailing purposes (Withdrawn Document)

JS 114:1979 Paper and paperboard - Stencil paper

Specifies the requirements for irradiant stencil paper used in copying machines (Withdrawn Document)

JS 113:1979 Paper and paperboard - Methods of test for stencil paper

Includes methods of testing stencil paper (Withdrawn Document)

JS 82:1978 Paper and paperboard - Letter printing paper

Includesthe minimum natural requirements for letter printing paper (Withdrawn Document)

JS 81:1978 Paper and paperboard - Offset printing paper

Determinesthe minimum natural properties of offset printing paper (Withdrawn Document)

JS 51:1978 Paper and paperboard - Writing paper

Includes theminimum level of natural specifications for writing paper (Withdrawn Document)