Super conductivity and conducting materials

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JS 368:2001 Copper conductors - Resistance for copper

Concerns physical properties for copper (Published Document (JS))

JS 368:1984 Conductors - Copper conductors - Part 1- International standard of resistance for copper

Specifies the standardvalues of physical properties of annealed copper and how to calculateits conductivity (Withdrawn Document)

JS 317:1984 Conductors - Aluminium conductors -Part 4- Aluminium alloy stranded conductors (aluminium-magnesium-silicon) type

Applies to stranded aluminium alloy conductorsof the type (aluminium-magnesium-silicon) composed of wires havingthe same diameters within the range 1.5-4.5 mm (Withdrawn Document)

JS 367:1983 Conductors - Aluminium conductors -Part 3- Aluminium alloy conductor wire of the (aluminium-magnesium-silicon) type

Concerns aluminium alloy conductor wire of the(aluminium-magnesium-silicon) type (Withdrawn Document)