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Heat recovery. Thermal insulation

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JS 611:2009 Insulating materials - Mineral fiber pipe insulation

This standard specification covers mineral fiber insulation produced to form hollow cylinders for standard pipe and tubing sizes. The mineral fiber pipe insulation may be molded or precision v-grooved, with one or more walls split longitudinally for use on pipe temperatures up to 1400?F (760?C). (Published Document (JS))

JS 855:2008 Insulating materials - Mineral fiber blanket thermal insulation for commercial and industrial applications

Responsible for classification, components and physical characteristics and dimensions for mineral fiber blanket thermal insulation for commercial and industrial applications. (Withdrawn Document)

JS 855:1992 Insulating materials - Mineral wool -Blanket and felt thermal insulation (industrial type)

Concerns mineral wool blanketsand felts used for thermal insulation in industrial applications (Withdrawn Document)

JS 895:1992 Insulating materials - Mineral wool -Loose fill thermal insulation

Concerns loose fill materials made of mineral wool usedfor thermal insulation in construction and industrial and mechanicalapplications (Published Document (JS))

JS 850:1992 Insulating materials - Mineral wool -Metal-mesh covered blanket insulation (Industrial type)

Concerns mineral wool blanketscovered by metal mesh used for thermal insulation in industnal (Withdrawn Document)

JS 916:1992 Insulating materials - Thermal insulation - Preformed rigid phenolic foam

Concrns preformed rigid phenolic foam usedfor thermal insulation purposes in the form of sheets, pipe sectionsand circular pipe enclosures (Withdrawn Document)

JS 835:1992 Polyurethane - Sprayed rigidpolyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam used for thermalinsulation of external surfaces

Concerns rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foamused for thermal insulation of external surfaces by spraying (Withdrawn Document)

JS 811:1991 Polyurethane - Rigid polyurethane(PUR) foam in slab form - Part 1: Slabs for use in transportcontainers and insulated vehicle bodies

Concerns rigid polyurethane foam slabs used forthermal insulation in transport containers and vehicls bodies (Withdrawn Document)

JS 799:1991 Polyurethane - Rigid polyurethane(PUR) foam in slab form - Part 2: Slabs for use in refrigerator cabinets and cold rooms

Concerns rigid polyurethane foam slaps of 28-35 kg/m3 densityused in thermal insulatin of refrigerator and cooling rooms (Withdrawn Document)

JS 701:1990 Boards - Expanded polystyrene boards

Concerns expandedpolystyrene boards formed by molding whose thickness exceeds 13 mmand used for thermal (Withdrawn Document)

JS 611:1989 Insulating materials - Mineral wool -Part two: Preformed pipe insulation

Specifies the physical and chemical requirements,and the standard dimensions for preformed pipe insulation made ofmineral wool and used for thermal insulation of temperatures up to650 C (Withdrawn Document)

JS 604:1989 Insulating materials - Sampling andacceptance of preformed thermal insulation lots

Concerns sampling and acceptance rulesof preformed thermal insulation lots (Withdrawn Document)

JS 605:1989 Insulating materials - Mineral wool -Part one: Thermal insulation boards (panel)

Specifies the physical and chemicalproperties, and the standard dimensions for rigid and semi-rigidthermal insulation boards (panels) made of mineral wool used forthermal insulation (Withdrawn Document)