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JS 1646:2005 Quantity of product in prepackages

This standard specifies with requirements law standards to products in prepackages. (Published Document (JS))

JS 222:1997 Numbers - Preferred numbers and their series

Determines the serieses of preferred numbers (Published Document (JS))

JS 226:1997 Numbers - Guide to the use of preferred numbers and series

includes a guide to the use of preferred numbers and itsserieses (Published Document (JS))

JS 892:1992 Numbers - Guide to the choice of series of preferred numbers and of seri es containing more rounded values of preferred numbers

0 (Withdrawn Document)

JS 457:1986 Test temperatures - Standard reference temperature for industrial length measurements

Determines the standard referencetemperature for industrial length measurements (Published Document (JS))

JS 454:1986 Metal stamps for verification officers revisoin 2010

Concerns metal stamps used by verification officers (Published Document (JS))