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JS 2285:2021 Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Vocabulary and symbols

0 (Draft Jordanian Document (DJS))

JS 2310:2021 Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Analytical determination and interpretation of heat stress using calculation of the predicted heat strain

0 (Committee Draft (CD))

JS 2253-1:2020 Light and lighting – Lighting of work places – Part 1: Indoor work places

This Jordanian Standard specifies lighting requirements for humans in indoor work places, which meet the needs for visual comfort and performance of people having normal ophthalmic (visual) capacity. All usual visual tasks are considered, including Display Screen Equipment (DSE). (Published Document (JS))

JS 2299:2020 Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Assessment of heat stress using the WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature) index

0 (Draft Jordanian Document (DJS))