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JS 2295:2021 Adventure Tourism - Mountaineering and climbing leaders - Personnel competences

0 (Final Draft Jordanian Document (FDJS))

JS 2265:2020 Adventure Tourism - Leaders - personnel competence

0 (Committee Draft (CD))

JS 2260:2020 Adventure tourism - Information for participants

This Jordanian Standard specifies minimum requirements for information to be provided to participants before, during and after adventure tourism activities. This Jordanian Standard can be used by all types and sizes of providers operating in different geographic, cultural and social environments (Published Document (JS))

JS 2300:2020 Adventure Tourism - Canyoning and abseiling leaders - Personnel competences

0 (Draft Jordanian Document (DJS))

JS 2249:2020 Adventure tourism - Safety management systems - Requirements

This jordanian standard outlines the requirements of a safety management system for adventure tourism activity providers -a provider can use this jordanian standard for the following: - to enchance safety performance - to meet expectations for participant and staff safety - to demonstrate safe practice - to support comliance with applicable leqal requirements (Published Document (JS))

JS 2301:2020 Adventure tourism - Ciclotourism leaders - Personnel competences

0 (Committee Draft (CD))

JS 2294:2020 Adventure Tourism - Trekking leaders - Personnel competences

0 (Final Draft Jordanian Document (FDJS))