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Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) was established as a public Organization with financial and administrative autonomy in accordance with the Law No. 22 for the Year 2000 and its amendments.
Prior to that, the Organization had been one of the directorates in the Ministry of Industry and Trade from 1972 to 1994.
The Law has defined the following principal objectives to be pursued by JSMO:
1.  Adoption of a national system for standardization and metrology based on accepted international practices.
2.  Keeping pace with scientific and technical developments in the fields of standards, metrology, conformity assessment and laboratory accreditation.
3.  Ensuring the health and safety of the Kingdom's citizenry and protection of the environment by making sure that goods, products and services are in compliance with the technical regulations adopted by the Organization for the purpose.
4.  Ensuring the quality of local goods, products and services through the adoption of appropriate Jordanian Standards in order to enhance their competitiveness in the local and international markets and thus support the national economy.
1. Issuing, approval, reviewing, amendment and monitoring the implementation of standards and technical regulations with regard to all goods, products and services (with the exception of pharmaceutical products, medicines, veterinary medicines, serums & vaccines).
2. Establishment of a national system of measurement and supervising its implementation.
3. Adopting technical regulations, standards and standardization documents issued by other countries and national, regional and international organizations, provided in Arabic or English languages.
4. Calibration, adjustment and control of measuring instruments.
5. Accrediting the national and reference metrology standards to calibrate measurement instruments.
6. Monitoring the quality of precious metal and gemstone jewelry according to prescribed calibers and inspects and stamp jewelry.
7. Granting of conformity certificates for products, including the Quality Mark.
8. Accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies according to international practices.
9. Implementation of market surveillance to assure products conformity to technical regulations and safety of use.
10. Benefitting from local abilities of the governmental stakeholders and scientific institutions to empower our institution to achieve its intended goals and missions.
11. Providing proper support to studies and researches with respect to standards, metrology, quality management and conformity assessment and holding training workshops in our field of specialization.
12. Agreement with Arab, foreign, regional and international organizations and authorities on mutual recognition of conformity certificates including quality marks and laboratory accreditation certificates and the efficiency of its awarding bodies.
13. Cooperation and coordination Arab, foreign, regional and international organizations and authorities related to fields of standards, metrology, quality, conformity assessment and accreditation. And affiliating to those organizations where appropriate.
14. Acceptance of standards, technical regulations, recommendations and others which are issued by other countries and national, regional and international organizations authorities, where appropriate and if its provided in Arabic or English languages.
15. Publication, distribution and selling of standards, technical regulations and publications issued by other countries and the national, regional and international organizations.