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JS 1933:2010 Adhesives ـــ Wood adhesives

This standard is concerned with the requirement that should be available in wood adhesives (Published Document (JS))

JS 921:2007 Adhesives for tiles - Definitions and specifications

This standard is applicable to ceramic tile adhesives for internal and external tile installations on walls and floors and specifies the values of performance requirements for ceramic tile and gives the terminology concering the products, working methods, application proerties .etc,for ceramic tile adhesives (Published Document (JS))

JS 991:1994 Adhesives - Adhesive contact sprayable

Concernssprayable adhesives for plastic, wood, metal, fabrics and leathersurfaces adhesion with itself or with each other (Published Document (JS))

JS 992:1994 Adhesives - Adhesive contact sprayable- Methods of test

Concerns testing methods for sprayable adhesives (Published Document (JS))

JS 691:1990 Adhesives - Polyvinyl acetate (P.V.A)emulsion adhesives for wood

Specifies the requirements for polyvinyl acetate (P.V.A)emulsion adhesives used for wood (Withdrawn Document)

JS 743:1990 Adhesives - Brushable adhesives

Concerns brushableadhesives used to adhere soft and clean surfaces of plastic, wood,etc (Published Document (JS))

JS 744:1990 Adhesives - Methods of test for brushable adhesives

Concerns methods of testing brushable adhesives (Published Document (JS))

JS 692:1990 Adhesives - Methods of test forpolyvinyl acetate adhesives for wood

Concerns testing methods for polyvinyl acetateadhesives used for wood adhesion (Withdrawn Document)

JS 240:1982 Adhesives - Methods for testing ofglues

Concernsmethods for testing of glues (Withdrawn Document)

JS 239:1981 Adhesives - Animal glue for wood

Concerns animal gluefor wood (Withdrawn Document)

JS 238:1981 Adhesives - Cold-setting caseinadhesive powders for wood

Concerns cold-setting gasein adhesive powders for wood (Withdrawn Document)