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JS 1534:2003 Gases - Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134 a)

Specifies tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134 a)which used in conditioning and refrigeration appliances for medical uses (Published Document (JS))

JS 237:2001 Gases - Chlorodifluoromethane gas (Freon-22 )

Specifies a conditions that must be available inchlorodifluoromethane gas ( Freon - 22 ) (Published Document (JS))

JS 193:2001 Gases - Acetylene gas

0 (Published Document (JS))

JS 236:2000 Gases - Dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon-12)

Specifies therequirements for dichlorodifluoro methone gas (R12) used as a coolantin conditioning and refrigiration applications (Withdrawn Document)

JS 231:2000 Gases - Hydrogen

Concrns hydrogen gas used in industrial purposes and researchfields (Published Document (JS))

JS 273:2000 Gases - Trichlorofluoromethane(Freon-11)

Specify acondition thatmust be available in Trichlorofloromethane ( freon - 11) used as acoolant in refrigeration and conditioning and as a fire extinguisher (Published Document (JS))

JS 193:1999 Gases - Acetylene gas

Concerns acetylene gas used in welding, cutting, heatingby oxyacetylene and for navigation lighting purposes and for atomicabsorption apparatus (Withdrawn Document)

JS 551:1999 Gases - Methods of test for medical and industrial gases - Wet chemical analysis - Draeger tubes

Specifies method oftest for medical and industrial gases - wet chemical analysis -Draeger tubes (Published Document (JS))

JS 228:1999 Gases - Carbon dioxide gas

Specifies carbon dioxide gas used inindustry, cooling, chemical and medical purposes, and the standardincludes testing methods, sampling and labelling (Withdrawn Document)

JS 191:1999 Gases - Industrial nitrogen gas

Concerns liquid (Published Document (JS))

JS 190:1998 Gases - Industrial oxygen

This standard specifies conditions must be available in Industrial oxygen. (Published Document (JS))

JS 273:1982 Gases - Trichlorofluoro methane (R 11)

Concernstrichlorofluoro methane gas (R11) used as a coolant in refrigerationand conditioning and as a fire extinguisher (Withdrawn Document)

JS 237:1981 Gases - Chlorodifluoro methane gas (R22)

Specifies the requirements of chlorodifluoro methane gas (R22) usedin industry and in refrigiration (Withdrawn Document)

JS 231:1981 Gases - Hydrogen

Specifies the requirements forhydrogen gas used in industry and in welding (Withdrawn Document)

JS 228:1981 Gases - Carbon dioxide (gas)

Concerns carbondioxide gas used in industry, cooling, fire extinguishers and incarbonted beverages (Withdrawn Document)

JS 236:1981 Gases - Dichlorodifluoro methane gas(R12)

Specifies the requirements for dichlorodifluoro methone gas (R12)used as a coolant in conditioning and refrigiration applications (Withdrawn Document)

JS 193:1980 Gases - Acetylene gas

oncerns acetylene gasused in welding, cutting, heating by oxyacetylene and for navigationlighting purposes (Withdrawn Document)

JS 190:1980 Gases - Oxygen

Concerns oxygen gas used inmedical, industrial and laboratory applications and in breathingequipments for pilots (Withdrawn Document)

JS 191:1980 Gases - Nitrogen

Concerns liquid (Withdrawn Document)