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JS 2243-3:2019 Energy audits Part 3: Processes

This part jordanian standard specifies the rquirements, methdology and deliverables of an energy audit within a pocess These consist of : a) organization the data from the energy audit; b) reporting and documenting the energy audit findings. this part of jordanian standard applies to sites where the energy use is due to process. it shall be used in conjuction with and is supplementary to , js 2243 (Published Document (JS))

JS 2243-4:2019 Energy audits Part 4:Transport

This part of standard does not include the infrastructure which supplies energy e.g. the elecricity generation of energy for railways this part of standard shall be used in conjuction with and is supplemtary to js 2243-1, it provides additional requirements to js 2243-1 and shall be applied simultaneously (Published Document (JS))

JS 2243-1:2019 Energy audits Part 1: General requirements

This part of jordanian Standard specifies the requirements, common methodogy and deliverables for energy audits . it applies to all forms of establishments and organizations, all forms of energy and uses of energy, excluding indivdual private dwellings. This jordanian standard covers the general requirements common to all energy audits. specific energy audit requirements will complete the general (Published Document (JS))

JS 2243-5:2019 Energy audits Part 5: Competence of energy auditors

This part of jordainan standard can be used to soecify energy auditor qualification schemes at a national level ; used by organizations undertaking energy audits to appoint a suitably cometent energy suditor and used by organizations , in conjunction with js 2243-1, js 2243-2, js 2243-3, js 2243-4, js 2243-5 to ensure a good level of quality of the energy audits. (Published Document (JS))

JS 2243-2:2019 Energy audits Part 2: Buildings

This part of jordanian standard is applicable to specific energy audit requirements in buildings. it specifies the requirements, methodology and deliverables of an energy audit in a building or group of buildings, excluding individual private dewllings. it shall be applied in conjunction with , and is supplementary to, js 2243-1, energy audits - patr1: General requirements. it provides additional (Published Document (JS))