Measurement of force, weight and pressure

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JS 1898-1:2009 Pressure gauges Part 1: Bourdon tube pressure gauges - Dimensions, metrology, requirements and testing

This Standard specifies requirements for Bourdon tube indicating pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and combined vacuum and pressure gauges (compound gauges), with circular, spiral or coiled forms, from 40 to 250 nominal size, and with ranges up to 1600 bar, for the measurement of gauge pressure (Published Document (JS))

JS 873:1998 Weighing instruments - Non automatic weighing instruments Part 2: Pattern evaluation report

Concerns pattern evaluation report for non automatic weighing instrument (Published Document (JS))

JS 873:1994 Weighing instruments - Non-automatic weighing instruments - Part 2: Pattern evaluation report

Concerns patternevaluation report of non-outomatic weighing instruments (Withdrawn Document)

JS 969:1994 Weighing instruments - Metrological regulation for load cells

Prescribes the principal metrological characteristics and evaluation procedures for load cells used in the static measurement of mass. It is intended to provide authorities with uniform means for determining the metrological characteristics of load cells used in measuring instruments. (Published Document (JS))

JS 911:1992 Weighing instruments - Non-automatic weighing instruments - Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements - Tests

Specifies the metrological and technicalrequirements for non-automatic weighing instruments that are subjectto offical metrological control (Published Document (JS))

JS 781:1991 Scales - Spring scales

Concerns spring scales, itscalibration methods, its accuracy degree and its maximum graduation (Published Document (JS))

JS 452:1986 Verification officers - Standard weights for verification officers

Applies to the standard weights used by verificationofficers to test weights used for products and materials weighing,and determines the maximum permissble errors in the standard weights (Published Document (JS))

JS 453:1986 Weights - Hexagonal weights - Ordinaryaccuracy class from 100 g to 50 Kg

Concerns hexagonal weights of ordinary accuracyclass from 100 g to 50 kg (Withdrawn Document)