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JS 2061:2014 Environment friendly construction products - Water-saving fixtures and equipment's

This standard is concerned with the requirement that should be available in water-saving fixtures and equipments (Published Document (JS))

JS IEC 60601-1-9:2012 Medical electrical equipment Part 1-9: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance ـــ Collateral standard: Requirements for environmentally conscious design

This Standard applies to the reduction of adverse ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS of MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, hereafter referred to as ME EQUIPMENT. MEDICAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS are excluded from the scope of this collateral standard. (Published Document (JS))

JS EN 62430:2012 Environmentally conscious design for electrical and electronic products

This Standard specifies requirements and procedures to integrate environmental aspects into design and development processes of electrical and electronic products, including combination of products, and the materials and components of which they are composed (hereafter referred to as products). (Published Document (JS))

JS EN ISO 14044:2012 Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Requirements and guidelines

This Standard specifies requirements and provides guidelines for life cycle assessment (LCA) including a) the goal and scope definition of the LCA, b) the life cycle inventory analysis (LCI) phase, c) the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) phase, d) the life cycle interpretation phase, e) reporting and critical review of the LCA, f) limitations of the LCA, (Published Document (JS))

JS EN 60335-2-102:2010 Household and similar electrical appliannces - ٍSafety Part 2-102: Particular requirements for gas, oil and solid-fuel burning appliances having electrical connections

This standard deals with the safety of gas, oil and soild-fuel burning appliances having electrical connection for household and similar purpose. (Published Document (JS))

JS 1756:2007 Periodical technical inspections of wheeled vehicles - Protection of the environment

Specialize standard periodic inspection of vehicles with small wheels. (Published Document (JS))

JS 1503:2002 Environmental Management – Life cycle assessment – Life cycle impact assessment

Describe and gives guidance on general framwork for the life cycle impact assessment LCIA phase of life cycle assessment (LCA) and the key features and inherent limitation of LCIA (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1502:2002 Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Goal and scope definition and inventory analysis

Specifies the requirements and the procedures necessary for the compilation and preparation of the definition of goal and scope for life cycle asessment (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1450:2002 Environmental management - Vocabulary

Contains definitions of fundamental concepts related environmental management (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1449:2002 Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Examples of applications of JS 1502 to goal and scope definition and inventory analysis

Provides examples about practices in carrying out on life cycle inventory analysis LCI as a means of satisfying certain provisions of iso 14041 (Published Document (JS))

JS 1425:2002 Environmental labels and declarations - Type III environmental declaration

dentifies and describes elements and issues concerning type III environmental declarations and corresponding programmes (Published Document (JS))

JS 1501:2002 Environmental labels and declarations - Self-declared environmental claims (type II Environmental labelling)

Specifies requirements for self-declared environmental claims, including statements, symbols and graphics, regarding products (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1443:2002 Environmental management - Life cycle assessment

Provides requirements and recommendations for conducting the life cycle interpretation in LCA or LCI studies (Withdrawn Document)