Environmental protection

# ICS Title
1302001 Environment and environmental protection in general
1302010 Environmental management
1302020 Environmental economics
1302030 Environmental impact assessment
1302040 Pollution
1302050 Ecolabelling
1302060 Product life-cycles
1302070 Environmental projects
1302099 Other standards related to environmental protection
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JS 1404:1998 Environment - Environment management systems - General guidelines on principles systems and supporting techniques

provides guidance on development and implementation of environmental management systems and principles &their coordination with other management systems (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1401:1998 Environment - Environment management systems _ Specification with guidance for use

specifies requirements for environmental management systems to enable organizations to form policy and objectives concedering account legislative requirements&information about envir. impacts (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1412:1998 Environment - Guidelines for environment auditing - Qualification criteria for environmental auditors

Provides guidance on qualification criteria forenvironmental auditors and lead auditors and is applicable to bothinternal and external auditors (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1411:1998 Environment - Guidelines for environment auditing - Audit procedures - Auditing of environmental management system

Establishes audit procedures that provide for theplanning and conduct of an audit of an EMS to determine conformancewith EMS audit criteria (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1410:1998 Environment - Guidelines for environment auditing - General principles

Provides the generalprinciples of environmental auditing that are applicable to all typesof environmental audits. Any activity defined as an environmentalaudit in accordance with this JS standard should satisfy therecommendation given in it (Withdrawn Document)