Outdoor and water sports equipment

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JS 10015-2:2007 Buoyant aids for swimming instruction Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods for buoyant aids to be held

This standard specifies safety requirements for construction performance sizing and marking for swimming aids intended to assist users with movement through the water in the early stages of water awareness whilst learning to swim or whilst learning part of a swimming stroke it also gives methods of test for verification of these requirements (Published Document (JS))

JS 10012:2007 Paragliding equipment - Emergency parachutes - Safety requirements and test methods

This standard is applicable to emergency parachutes deployed by the action of the pilot without any other assistance (mechanical or pyrotechnic), intended for use with single-seater or two-seater paragliders. (Published Document (JS))

JS 10017:2007 Roller sports equipment - Roller skates - Safety requirements and test methods

This standard applies to roller skates intnded for usere with abody mass of more than 20kg and less than 100 kg. This standard specifies safety requirements for roller skates, specification for test method, marking and information supplied by the manufacturer to reduce the risk of injuries to both third parties and the user during their normal use. (Published Document (JS))

JS 10016:2007 Diving accessories - Depth gauges and combined depth and time measuring devices - Functional and safety requirement, test methods

This standard specifies functional and requirements for depth gauges,depth gauge features of other instruments, and both depth and time measurement features of other instruments. This standard is not applicable to any information displayed to the user besides depth and time. Any informatin on decompression obligations displayed by equipment covered by sandard is explicitly excluded from its scope (Published Document (JS))

JS 10006:2007 Paragliding equipment-Harnesses-Safety requirements and strength tests

this standard is application only to harnesses for paragliders and specifies safety requirements and test methods. (Published Document (JS))