Products in fibre-reinforced cement

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JS 340:1983 Sheets - (Silica-Asbestos-Cement) flatsheets

Specifies the properties and test methods for silica-asbestos-cementflat sheets (Withdrawn Document)

JS 342:1983 Sheets - (Asbestos-cement) flat sheets

Concernsspecifications and testing methods for asbestos-cement flat sheets (Withdrawn Document)

JS 341:1983 Sheets - (Cellulose-Asbestos-Cement)flat sheets

Concerns cellulose-asbestos-cement flat sheets and its testingmethods (Withdrawn Document)

JS 259:1982 Asbestos-cement - Sampling andinspection of asbestos cement products

Includes sampling and inspection methods forasbestos-cement products (Withdrawn Document)