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JS 572:2005 Fibre ropes - Polyethylene - three and four - strand ropes

this standard specifies conditions must exist in fibre ropes made from polyethylene which are three and four strand ropes (Published Document (JS))

JS 682:2005 Fibre ropes – Polypropylene (pp) ropes – Three, four and eight-strand ropes

This standard specifies requirements for polypropylene ropes and gives rules for classification (Published Document (JS))

JS 685:2005 Fiber ropes - Determination of certain physical and mechanical properties

This standard specifies, for ropes of different kind a method of detemining each of the folling : - linear desity - lay length - braided pitch - elongation - breaking force (Published Document (JS))

JS 685:1990 Ropes - Methods of test forpolypropylene ropes

Concerns testing methods for polypropylene ropes (Withdrawn Document)

JS 682:1990 Ropes - Polypropylene ropes

Specifies the standardrequirements for polypropylene ropes (Withdrawn Document)

JS 572:1988 Ropes - Three-strand polyethylenemonofilament ropes

Concerns three-strand monofilament polyethylene ropes of densityequal 0.96 g/cm3 (Withdrawn Document)