Sewage water

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JS 1776:2013 Water – Reclaimed grey water

This standard is concerned with the requirement that should be available in reclaimed grey water (Published Document (JS))

JS 1776:2008 Water - Reclaimed gray water in rural areas

This standard is competent by the requirements to be provided in grey water which out of houses that can be reuse for restricted irrigation as described in these aspects of this jordanian standard (Withdrawn Document)

JS 202:2007 Water - Industrial reclaimed waste water

This standard specifies requirements for industrial reclaimed wastewater drainse, out of the industrail building or treating stations to the fload or valley for irrgation parposes which is an out let from factories. (Published Document (JS))

JS 893:2006 Water-Reclaimed domestic wastewater

This standard specifies the conditions must be available in Reclaimed domestic wastewater. (Published Document (JS))

JS 202:2004 Water - Industrial reclaimed wastewater

Specifies requirements and restrictions for industrial waste water which is an outlet from factories (Withdrawn Document)

JS 893:2002 Water - Reclaimed domestic wastewater

Specifies the conditions to be met by effluent discharged from wastewater treatment plants which can be used in the various fields appearing this standard (Withdrawn Document)

JS 893:1995 Water - Treated domestic waste water

Concerns treateddomestic waste water produced from waste water treatment units whichis then recycled or wasted (Withdrawn Document)

JS 202:1991 Water - Industrial waste water

Specifies the requirements for the industrial waste water which may be recycled for irrigation (Withdrawn Document)