Transport exhaust emissions

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JS 1970:2011 Road vehicles - Measurement methods for exhaust gas emissions during inspection or maintenance

This Jordanian Standard specifies methods for the direct measurement of the concentration of exhaust gas emissions from road vehicles during inspection or maintenance. (Published Document (JS))

JS 1054:1998 Motor vehicles - Emissions - Diesel engines

Applies tothe gaseous pollutants from all motor vehicles equipped withcompression-ignition engines and to compression-ignition engines (Published Document (JS))

JS 1052:1998 Motor vehicles - Emissions

Applies to the emission ofgaseous pollutants from all motor vehicles equipped withpositive-ignition engines and from categories M1 and N1 equipped withcompression-ignition engines (Published Document (JS))

JS 1053:1998 Motor vehicles - Emissions (Diesel engines)

Relates tothe measures to be taken against the emissions of pollutants fromdiesel engines for use in vehicles (Published Document (JS))

JS 703:1990 Pollutants - Allowable limits forgaseous pollutants emitted to the atmosphere from gasoline enginedvehicles

Specifies the allowable limits for gaseous pollutants emitted to theatmosphere from new gasoline engined vehicles whose mass exceeds 3500Kg (Withdrawn Document)