Liquid wastes. Sludge

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JS 1145:2016 Sludge – Uses of biosolid and disposal

This Jordanian standard is concerned with the requirements that must be provided in bio-solid resulting from the treatment of sludge in the household sewage treatment plants to be re-used to improve the properties of the soil in the pasture lands, or to be put in landfill, so that has been classified into three classes: First Class, second class and third class. (Published Document (JS))

JS 1145:2006 Water-Sludge-Uses of treated sludge and sludge disposal

This standard specifies the conditions that must be available in Sludge that results from water treatment stations, and intended to be used in soil treatment. (Withdrawn Document)

JS 1145:1996 Sludge - Uses of sludge in agriculture

Concerns sludge produced from waste water treatment units to be usedin agricultural lands (Withdrawn Document)