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* Introduction to the ASYCUDA system which is international system of computerized customs administrations processes and the objectives of its implementation, its advantages and operation mechanism. * introducing the definition of the Single Window and the National Window of Trade, as well as the system of selectivity on the ASYCUDA program, determination of transactions lanes. * in addition to acquiring skills on the products risk assessment.
- ICDL : 09/12/2018 :: More ::
Acquiring basic skills in: • using of computers • Using of Word Program • Using of the Excel function • Using of Internet Explorer • Using of PowerPoint Program • Using of Email Outlook E-Mail
- Understand the importance and major components of ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratories -Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and scope of ISO/IEC 17025 -Identify the major terms and principles associated with the standard -Identify the changes and understand their implications -Understand and apply the changes in your laboratory
- Anti-Bribery : 19/09/2018 :: More ::
Introduction to Anti-Bribery System ISO 37001
Definition of the provisions of the standard for the safety of electrical appliances and household IEC60335-1
-Explain the clauses of the standard and how to implement it. -Explain the definition and subjects related to environment management
- Strategic Planning : 02/07/2018 :: More ::
• Identify several concepts including: (Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Strategic Plan, Strategy) • Understand the benefits and importance of strategic planning • Clarifying the stages of strategic planning • Define vision, mission and core values • SWOT Analysis • Identification of strategic objectives • Development of performance indicators • Preparing operational work plans • Monitoring and evaluation • Identify the mechanisms of strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation in the institution • Identify the reasons for failure of strategic planning
- Food Additives : 29/04/2018 :: More ::
• Identification of additives in food. • Distinguish indirect food additives and contaminants. • Identify and compare the different legislations governing the additives. Identify the conformity assessment procedures used to control the use of additives in food.
1. Introduce ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and ISO 19011 2. Learn internal auditing skills, including dealing with the auditee, Personal Attributes of internal auditors, how to search for information, and how to record the audit process. 3. Qualify the laboratory to plan and conduct effective internal audits on ISO/IEC 17025
1. Identification of legal metrology. 2. Identify the verification of medical devices subject to metrological control 3. Identify the specifications of mercury medical thermometers and the methods of legal verification thereof. 4. Identify the specifications of mercury medical thermometers and the methods of legal verification thereof. 5. Identify the specifications of mercury medical thermometers and legal verification methods. 6. To identify the standard of digital medical thermometers and the methods of legal verification thereof. 7. Identify the specifications of mercury medical pressure devices and the methods of legal verification thereof. 8. Identify the specifications of mechanical medical pressure devices and the methods of legal verification thereof. 9. To identify the specifications of laboratory sizes and the methods of legal verification thereof. 10. Identify the specifications for non-automatic scales. 11. Identify the standard for weights. 12. Understand the requirements mentioned in the above specifications and how they are applied. 13. Understand the technical principles such as verification, string and calculation of the uncertainty in accordance with the specification. Understand and understand the method of writing technical reports and calibration certificates
- anti-narcotics : 21/02/2018 :: More ::
To sensitize the society, especially the youth, about the destructive effects of the drug scourge, and to know the dangers of drugs, how to prevent them, and the treatment of addiction and measures to limit trafficking
- Cybercrime : 19/02/2018 :: More ::
Definition of cybercrime (types, nature and motives of committing) How to protect society from falling into the risk of cybercrime and misuse of social media
• Identify the organization, the Directorate of Standards and the Department of hydrocarbons, volumes, procedures and instructions for the calibration of liquid fuel meters. • Identify theoretical information on calibration and verification of liquid fuel meters. • Practical training on how to use the meter in calibrating liquid fuel meters. * Practical training on how to use the prover tank in calibrating liquid fuel meters
The workshop is organized in the framework of the ISO Action Plan for Developing Countries 2016-2020 in particular, as one of the priority areas of improvement under Outcome 2, on the long term financial sustainability of National Standards bodies with funding support obtained from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The workshop is designed for CEOs and Deputies of NSBs on the one part, and on the other, the responsible Senior Government Official from the line Ministry or an NSB Board or Council member who represents Government on financing matters of the NSB.
To review the experiences of the Jordanian institutions in the field of customs work and the work of other related departments
Formaldehyde in Textiles Industry. - Health effects of Formaldehyde. - Regulations for Formaldehyde in Textiles. - Analysis of Formaldehyde in Textiles: ( ISO 14184‐1,ISO 14184‐2)
1) Full knowledge about formaldehyde and melamine 2) Determine product presence ratios 3) Contraindications
1. Definition of asphalt in general 2. Items according to the degree of stitches. 3. Determination of physical properties and methods of examination theoretically and practically
1- Definition of cement 2 - Identification of the basic components and secondary components. 3- Understand the structure and coding of the ordinary cement. 4 - Determination of mechanical, chemical, physical, durability and methods of examination theoretically and practically. 5 - Definition of industrial gypsum and determine the most important requirements
1. defining the properties of precious metals for the trainees 2. Explain instructions for trading precious metals and stamping them 3. Clarification of the international specifications for inspection and inspection of precious metals 4.Explain the inspection mechanism of jewels
1. defining the importance of ready-mixed concrete, its uses and its impact on the structural sector, national economy and citizens' safety. 2. To familiarize the participants with the technical requirements of the ready mix concrete according to the national and regional standard specifications. 3. Identifying the process of manufacturing ready-mixed concrete. 4. Identifying the main tests of the ready-mix concrete and how to conduct them. 5. Identifying the manner of evaluating the results of the tests, and the control procedures
- identifying what the methods and types of inspection for the trainees, especially the inspection of products in their final form - Explaining the international specifications of inspection - clarifying the mechanism of inspection of export consignments - clarifying the mechanism of technical inspection on quality in factories
To introduce participants on international practices in the preparation of technical standards and technical regulations
defining the most important items of the technical barriers to trade agreement, the definition of the World Trade Organization and its branches, and the identification of the best practices in the preparation of standards in accordance with the Constitution of Good Practice
- supporting the accreditation of JSMO Energy Efficiency Laboratory for lighting. - Enhancing the capabilities of lab employees to perform testing of lighting technologies, in line with international standards. - Enable JSMO Energy Efficiency Lab for lighting to ensure quality of lighting products on the market by testing the product performance.
- Introducing the participants to the importance of reinforcing the concrete (steel) and its uses and its impact on the structural sector, national economy and citizens' safety -Define the participants in the manner of evaluating the results of tests and control procedures.
Clarification of the concept of calibration. 2. Clarification of the mechanism for determining calibration or verification periods. 3 - To clarify the difference between the concept of calibration and verification and control and maintenance. 4. Clarification of the methods for preparing calibration or verification procedures. 5. Clarifying the concept of the metrological series at their three levels. 6. Clarifying the method of writing a calibration certificate or verification report. 7- To clarify the technical requirements of calibration laboratories according to ISO 1702
Introducing trainees to the global legislation governing the circulation of games - Explain the apparent risks and the risks not visible in the Games - Provide the trainee with the necessary information and expertise for the virtual inspection of the games based on the technical specifications of each category
The course provides the knowledge and expertise for those who use temperature-measuring devices or require an appreciation of the importance of measurement, calibration and the use of temperature instruments and standards in the performance of their daily tasks.
- School Stationary : 06/07/2017 :: More ::
The training program is designed to give some information about the specifications of school tools (such as pencils, colors, rulers, erasers, children's agglomerates ...) on the methods of examination, especially the tests that concern some of the toxic components that may interfere in the installation of some of these tools.
Objective: To introduce the employees of the organization on the subject of (principles of risk management)
- JIACC : 26/04/2017 :: More ::
to define enterprise staff about the subject (the principles of integrity and combating financial and administrative corruption)
Take precautions for public safety at work
Aim: To introduce students to the role of the Organization in the control of products and to clarify the nature of the work of the Organization in a simplified manner
- ISO/17025:2005 : 07/03/2017 :: More ::
The training program aims to: - Explain the ways of application of this specific to gain credence - Explain how to evaluate the laboratories by illustrate the procedures of credence
A lecture on the impact of products on the environment Define the role of the organization and the nature of it's work
General objectives that Occupational Health & Safety is seeking to achieve:- 1. Protection of human injury risk work environment by preventing exposure to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. 2. Preserving elements of the physical element of the installations and the content of the equipment from damage and loss as a result of accidents 3. Providing all the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health to ensure a safe environment check the prevention of risks to human and physical elements
Training course for the newly joiners of the elevators department staff. The course aims : 1. to brief the members about the technical process of department reporting along with the check reporting. 2. It also included field visit and applying the department procedure with sites check and the reporting afterwards.
- ISO/17025:2005 : 01/02/2017 :: More ::
The training program aims to: - Explain the ways of application of this specific to gain credence - Explain how to evaluate the laboratories by illustrate the procedures of credence
This workshop comes in continuation of a series of workshops held by the institution in order to define industrial European legislation and technical requirements that must be achieved by the Jordanian national products to be exported for the EU and subject to the conditions specified in the simplification of the rules of the country of origin between Jordan and the EU. About the workshop, where he covered the tariff for the agreement also included the definition of European legislation and technical requirements applicable in the EU countries in the chemical industry sector (such as cosmetics, toys, paints, detergents).
In order to stand on the possibilities of the institution to open the horizons of cooperation and exchange of expertise and training
- ISO/17025:2005 : 09/11/2016 :: More ::
The training program aims to: - Explain the ways of application of this specific to gain credence - Explain how to evaluate the laboratories by illustrate the procedures of credence
Meetings of Technical Committee of ISO 262 to manage the risks and the meetings of the second set
- Standardization and packaging Environment and packaging- - National and international regulatory frame for packaging -Challenges for packaging industry in Jordan food contact material
Prime Minister Dr. Hani Mulki commends on the work of Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization during his visit to the organization.
Explain the ways to analyses the precious metals in chemical analysis method, in addition to a brief explanation of the Directorate work
(Training on energy efficiency requirements and tests) which was directed to number of the institution employees and a number of International German Bank employees
Special Halal Food meeting which was hold for several parties
(Energy labelling and design technical regulations for water pumps) which was hold to a group of the Trade Chamber and the Water Authority employees plus a number of standardization and inspection departments employees of the institution
(Energy labelling and environmentally friendly products efficiency policies) which was directed to a group of public sector employees in addition to a number of the Germany International Bank staff and employees of the standardization and Inspection departments of the institution
The Legislative situation after the withdrawal of technical regulations for cheese mixed with vegetable -fat
The role of the Anti-Corruption commission in the protection of witnesses and experts in corruption cases
Training on the Jordanian technical regulations for energy efficiency illustrate how to deal with customs formalities whether examination reports issued by accredited laboratories or were issued by the factory under the supervision of an accredited or were from the same factory
Familiarize participants with the terms of the specification and explain the administrative and technical requirements and how to apply for Reliance as well as the rehabilitation of residents to establish laboratories based on these requirements in addition to providing them with accreditation procedures applicable to it
- ISO 9011 : 28/03/2016 :: More ::
Provide participants with the guidelines for the process of checking on the quality management systems and environmental management systems enabling them to conduct audits for the purposes of conformity
- ISO 9001:2008 : 06/03/2016 :: More ::
- identify the QMS principles and explain all the requirements of the standard. - provide the participants with the audit techniques and writing the reports.
familiarize participants with the principles of uncertainty in testing , measurement and calibration guided by ISO account evidence for calculating measurement uncertainty GUM , and in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 17025.
- ISO/17025:2005 : 21/02/2016 :: More ::
The training program aims to: - Explain the ways of application of this specific to gain credence> - Explain how to evaluate the laboratories by illustrate the procedures of credence
- ISO 9001 : 21/02/2016 :: More ::
• familiarize participants with the principles of quality management system and explain all requirements of the standard and how to apply the system in addition to providing them with techniques of internal audit and reporting
Introduction Inspection Definitions Difference between inspection – testing and certification Independence and Impartiality
- Toys safety : 22/11/2015 :: More ::
The children of the most popular games on the market, including products not without a house or a school or a care home for the children, as are numerous kinds and forms that evolve and change quickly. Because of the association with the health and safety of children directly, because for this age group in the community of special considerations, the States has given great importance to the development and adoption of legislation and specifications for the games and apply them to the ground.
Definition and types of elevators and components Home - Jordanian standard requirements
Certificates of conformity for products
As the Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) is committed to play a role in the National Strategy for Energy, environmental protection and the rights of consumers, JSMO has held a workshop targeting the relevant stakeholders, industry, trade and government agencies on Monday, October 5, 2015, as one of the activities under the World Bank Project on Standards and Energy Efficiency, which aim at supporting the Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization for harmonization of Jordanian technical regulations and standards with the European Union Directives and raising awareness to the national industry and traders on technical regulations and standards, as well as improving the capacity of JSMO and other stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of legislation on energy efficiency, and the development of legislation on energy efficiency for water pumps. Dr. Hayder Al-Zaben, Director General of JSMO has opened the workshop with a welcome speech followed by lectures and speeches given by experts from the World Bank, JSMO, Ecofys, Waide strategic efficiency limited and the National Energy Research Center, on technical regulations and standards relating to energy label and eco design for a number of electric household appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, lighting lamps (bulbs), televisions, electric motors, and electric ovens. As a result of the dialogue with the relevant authorities, industry and traders important recommendations have been reached, most notably the establishment of a voluntary registration system for energy efficient appliances to facilitate the clearance of customs declarations for imported products, provide guidelines on the scope of technical regulations for energy efficiency and excluded products, and the requirements of technical regulations and conformity assessment documents accepted by JSMO, and to raise awareness on energy efficiency requirements in collaboration with other government agencies such as the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environment, and relevant programs and projects to traders, industry, vendors and consumers, in additional studying exceptions from duties and duties for energy efficient products.
- Ceramic tiles : 13/09/2015 :: More ::
Definition of the beginning of the historical and industrial development of the Ceramics
Identify a glimpse of the institution and the Directorate of Standards and the Department of fuels and volumes, procedures and instructions for calibration of liquid fuel meters. • Identify theory for the calibration and verification of liquid fuel counters information. • hands-on training on how to use the Master Meter in calibration totalizer T. liquid fuel. * Hands-on training on how to use the prover tank in the calibration of liquid fuel meters.
How to implement food safety management system and the audit (ISO 22000)
aims at the ways of learning weighs and balance in addition to the Weighing cells 2. Learning the ways of uncertainty accountancy which are related to the weights, balances and weighing cells 3. Define the technical requirements which are related to the calibration laboratory according to the International Specification: ISO/IEC 17025
Project to strengthen institution infrastructure on standards and regulations to support business and industry in Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA STAR) ISO Consultant Needs Assessment Visit Plan for JSMO
. To introduce the measurement units :its origin, the ways of writing and the Metrology terminologies 2. To check the Prepackaged cans according to the Jordanian instructions 3. Training on the ways of examining and writing reports
. Define the administrative and technical analysis according to the ISO/IEC 17025 specification 2. Enable the employee in the laboratory to check the quality system in comparison with the ISO/IEC 17025 specification 3. To define the internal audit according to the ISO/IEC 17025 4. How to make the laboratory achieve accreditation
• MS-Word 2010 • MS-excel 2010
- ISO 17020 : 11/05/2015 :: More ::
Introducing the types of inspection in addition to the basic and international standards which related to inspection and should be available in the departments of inspection in its different types and shapes
employee through: - Lecture to introduce the organization: the vision, the message, the aims and the role of every department in the organization - Lecture about the general morals and career behaviors - Lecture about the Civil Organization System - Lecture about Health Organization - Lecture about Social Security Corporation -Lecture about the role of Quality and Knowledge Management departments
Determination of fat acids percentage by using Gas Chromatography (GC) apparatus
“Subjects which are related to measurements in weights and balances scope" with the cooperation of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Company
Computer skills Introduction - Windows 7-Microsoft word 2010- Outlook program- Introduction about information security and network security
JSMO has organized aceremony to distribut letters of appreciation "Appreciation Letters" issued by the International ISO to participate in the(CSR) project ((ISO 26000)) ", which was held at ten o'clock on Thursday morning 26.03.2015 in JSMO / main Building)
A delegation from the Republic of Bangladesh, accompanied by experts from the Jordan Customs Department and members of the US Agency for International Development has visited jsmo, on Wednesday 25/3/2015 in order to Benefit from the Jordanian experience in the field of standardization, metrology, control of imported products and the experience of the institution in the field of risk management.
International Standard ISO / IEC 17025/2005 1. 1. Identification of administrative and technical requirements according to the descriptor 2. ISO / IEC 17025 3. 2. enable staff in the laboratory analysis of the work of the gaps with respect to a quality system in the laboratory compared with the requirements of the standard ISO / IEC 17025 3. Rehabilitation of the laboratory to apply for accreditation
A lecture on the organization in terms of its establishment and structuring and preparation of technical specifications and rules for food and quality checks applied in this area
Explanation of the international standard ISO 26000 for social responsibility
Automatic distrust account in the measurement guided by the evidence ISO to calculate the uncertainty of measurement (GUM
Educate staff of the institution and guide them to some of the legal aspects and aspects to be taken into account and ignore them when doing their jobs in terms of the setting and editing and other legal matters
Identify the most important basic concepts related to the process chromatography gas where were identified disconnect the device and the principle of work of each piece of the most important applications that can be developed and extract information from the way it is the most important applications detect adulteration of vegetable oils , olive oil, by identifying the fatty acids that are all oil in addition to the alcohol detection in juices and drink so that is loaded method for each examination and construction on the device , has also been training on the modus operandi of the verification of the results of the machine as for the practical side, it was not as sufficient for the application where they were training on how the device and adjust all the circumstances in the manner that ensures the safety of the device and smoother examination .
Brief summary of the institution ( vision , mission and objectives , functions and services ) during which give an idea of the directorates of the institution and the services provided by the unit and the role of TQM in the construction and application of quality improvement in force in the directorates of the enterprise system s
This program aims to clarify the principles of quality management system and explain all the requirements of ISO 9001 specification and describe how audit quality management system and the role and responsibilities of the auditor
Eurachem guide " quantifying uncertainty in analytical measurement (QUAM)" . Automatic distrust account in chemical tests guided by the evidence ISO to calculate the uncertainty GUM and guide Eurachem guide "quantifying uncertainty in analytical measurement (QUAM)".
Publicize the work of the information center and a point query
How to deal with the complaints received by the Office of the Ombudsman staff
This project aims to build local capacity on ISO 26000 and its application to allow organizations to apply the SR principles in their operations. It covers a series of activities to create a pool of national experts, who can then assist a certain number of voluntary pilot organizations in the various countries in applying ISO 26000. The project is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The project is deployed in two phases, Phase I was implemented in 2011 and Phase II is under implementation from 2012-2014.
AU organized a work shop for its Assessors in the medical sector and medical laboratories to introduce participants to some technical points and the difficulties faced by laboratories and Assessors, The Course was presented by the technical committee on 29/09/2014.
A training program for a group of participants from Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Control regarding the domestic and imported products.
The honorary president of the Royal Scientific Society and Princess Sumaya girl Hassan saved God and sponsored a visit to the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and met with the Director General and asked for coordination between the institution and the relevant authorities regarding the tests, technical goods and imports that come to market, Jordan.
HE Dr. Abdullah alnsour Prime Minister paid an inspection visit to the institution and to check on the progress of work and listened to passed from the Director General on the work of the organization and plans for implementation of the program scan the markets and other matters relating to the control of all goods and foodstuffs to protect the citizen, where thanked the Foundation for their efforts and the price of its role regulatory and called for intensified efforts by the institution in the holy month.
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